About Us


Founded in 1990, Desarrollos ROD S.A. de C.V., has become a leading construction company, with an experience of over 3′ years in this industry. We ere aware of the enormous responsibility that working in the construction industry implies, so we care about being on the forefront of technology and demonstrate an excellent quality in each of the works and projects that is entrusted to us.


To be a leading construction company with the spirit of service, implementing high-quality projects, using the latest innovations of technology and achieving the best results through a continuos improvement process in all our activities, committed to its employees, following its global mission of developing México with preservation of the environment.


  • The customer is the axis ofour company.
  • Investing in our human resources.
  • Provide social and economic benefits to the community.
  • Promoting honesty, communication, respect, safety and professional ethics among our employees and to the outside of the organization.