We develop industrial warehouses, warehouses and warehouses, with metal structure (weldable or screwable frame, open door) from the design, calculation, engineering, construction, management and administration. For this we have a team of professionals with the necessary capacity and tools.

  • Turnkey
  • Leasing
  • Legal advice
  • Government permitting
  • Build to suit

We have the necessary machinery for the development of the project. We adapt to the modality that is required, either at an elevated price or at unit prices. We carry out our work with a strict sense of cleanliness, order, avoiding the maximum waste, SEEKING CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Proyect Management

  • Identification of project needs
  • Proposed site investigation
  • Architectural design
  • Engineering design
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Executive plans for construction
  • Calculation memory
  • Construction Execution